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Fighting Islamophobia

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In Indonesia it feels that we have no narrative strategy against Islamophobia. That is what makes us more visible in following the racial narrative than having contradictory answers and narratives. At least most Indonesian leaders are confused.

Islamophobia is an industry whose trademark has been built for centuries so that it has a strong foundation of thinking and marketing strategies. In Indonesia, a number of doctors and professors were born with studies that strengthened Islamophobia and almost no resistance

There were 2 terrorist acts yesterday: After the Sibolga bombing, then the Massacre at 2 Christchurch mosques we witnessed the response of two unbalanced heads of state. NewZealand PM trending. Indonesia does not send meaningful messages to its people especially to the world.

What happened in this country? A fatal anxiety. Indonesia, this largest Muslim country does not have its own ideas about how to fight Islamophobia. Let alone build rival narratives, we follow. Some participate in trading. So pathetic.

Again, we send condolence to the victims of death who leave their families and dear children. May Allah SWT make them martyrs. And families are given patience. Our task is hard against all hate ideologies. And send a message of peace.

The opening of the 1945 Constitution clearly states that one of our goals for the state is “… participate in carrying out world order based on freedom, eternal peace and social justice,” … our mission is quite clear but our articulation is vague.


Twitter @Fahrihamzah 16/3/2019

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