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A NOTE: THE OTHER SIDE OF FAHRI HAMZAH’S ARRIVAL IN MENADO (2): Being Blocked by Those Claiming to be ‘Pancasilaists’ When the Visit is to Talk About Pancasila

Actually, this story is the kind that rests heavy on your chest. But let’s learn to embrace it with open arms. Open our hearts to muffle anger and hatred instigated all over.

Why do I say it rests heavy on our chests? Because Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Fahri Hamzah was intercepted by a group of people of North Sulawesi numbering in hundreds or thousands and claimed to be Pancasilaists precisely when Fahri Hamzah was talking about the importance of Pancasila as the nation’s ideology and the importance of diversity in North Sulawesi Governor’s Office (13/5).

FH is routinely campaigning it. These past two years. The points he has always mentioned are: one, for two years he has predicted – the fruits of his premonition – that Indonesia would face a wave of tremors from the effects of geopolitical change at the regional level.

Two, he believes, Pancasila as the nation’s founding fathers wisdom, can be a fortress that holds Indonesia damaged by the shock. Three, he believes, this twenty-year-old wave of cycles of this nation must be driven in order for Indonesia to reach the zenith of good. Almost at every meeting he tells it all.

Including in the events in Makassar (12/5) and Menado (13/5). Mr. Olly at the beginning of the event thanked KA KAMMI for organizing the event. Mr. Olly hoped that Fahri would share his thoughts on Pancasila ideology and on eradication of corruption. Also about the future leadership.

And the audience and I still remember the discussion of yesterday afternoon. A pastor expressed his concerns about the implementation of Islamic Shari’a. Fahri Hamzah stated that Pancasila actually absorbs Islamic values so that Muslims who practice Pancasila will become good Muslims. Majority Muslims never want to enforce the Shari’a. Even if one wanted, it had to be through a consensus, and such an idea is part of the dialectics. No need to be worried. The pastor felt relieved.

Another from the audience who is a corruption eradication activist asked if it was true Fahri is pro-corruption for agreeing on the Right of Inquiry on KPK. FH said, Rights of Inquiry is a common right of the House. The pros of cons are normal. But it is the right of the Parliament to know what issue occuring inside KPK. If KPK is a fragrant flower, by no means when disclosed they will produce the scent. If it’s rotten, let’s treat it together. As simple as that. Dare to be honest. If it’s clean why feel uncomfortable? This is how we improve and perfect the way we run our state.

But everything we talk about is inversely proportional. Why can it be? Who knows? But all can watch and observe it themselves. How the mob jostled into the Governor’s office, running in the airport’s apron and breaking into vital places that are normally under tight security. Or damaging the Governor’s office fence. Probably because of the jostling. There was an abnormal situation going on. And we just tried to tolerate it.

But, again, we must not get emotional and angry, or blasphemous. Of all the series of expression of anger by groups of citizens throughout Indonesia, we know where this leads. Clash after clash will be staged and at the end is wound. Wound of the nation. It might even divide Indonesia.

Let’s pause for a moment. Close your eyes. This is our Indonesia. If we the people cannot afford to get provoked and get angry. The political elite and the leader must set example as statesmen. I like FH’s response in yesterday’s dialog when the audience asked about his response on the protests and rejection of his arrival. FH said, “The people of North Sulawesi visiting Jakarta, do not hesitate to stop by the House for a discussion, especially on matters of the state”.

At another occasion he responded, “That is the expression of love”.

Let’s keep our Pancasila morals. Keep our morals as the original Indonesian morals. FH is inviting us all. Let’s tidy up.

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